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Adopt a Deer Capturing and collaring animals is the single most expensive portion of this research project. The Adopt-A-Deer program provides the opportunity to invest in this project, is a venue to provide recognition to our supporters, and is an outreach tool to keep you informed on our progress. Individuals, businesses, or organizations who wish to support this valuable project have the ability to “adopt” a deer. Adoption of a deer essentially provides the resources necessary to allow the detailed study of that animal, which is critical to attain the objectives and address the questions associated with the DEER Project. For every deer that is adopted, their profile will be listed on the adopted deer page, along with  recognition of their adopter. Key information for each deer will be included in their profile, much like that of an athlete’s playing card, and will include a semi-live updated map of movement patterns to date. Because we value and want to provide acknowledgment to each project partner, we will include a logo and description for each entity sponsoring an animal. Thank you for your consideration to support the DEER Project.